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Tax Forms

Business Income & Expenses - Summarize your annual business income and expenses to speed up your tax preparation.

Rental Income & Expenses - Summarize your annual rental income and expenses and bring this summary in with your other tax information. 

Home Office & Auto Allowance - Calculate your home office and automobile expenses.

Bank Reconciliation - Use this worksheet to prepare your monthly and year end bank reconciliation. A balanced bank makes you happy, which makes us happy.

Investment Tracking - Did you purchase or sell any shares or other investments during the year? Use this worksheet to track your adjusted cost base and proceeds. Doing this will make life easier come tax time. Trust us.

Medical Trips - Did you have to travel more than 40 KMs for a medical service that is not offered in your area? Use this template to calculate and track these trips. Bring this in to us with your other tax info! 

Payroll Worksheet - Use this template to track and calculate your payroll remittances and payments. This is mainly for business owners with payroll requirements.